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What Is It Like Working With Shaman Elder Maggie?

When you encounter a true Shaman

some amazing things start to happen:

That True Shaman has trained in the art and skills of Shamanism for over 60 years and has obviously learned how to reach right into your soul and pull out the best of you and also how to become a mirror and show you the worst in you so that you can fix it.  You will not just be working with a life coach or some ordinary person and you didn’t choose to encounter a Shaman to not be affected in the best way possible.  Every word that Shaman says is there to heal you. Every word she writes is effectively going to change you if you read it. You cannot choose to encounter a Shaman and then not expect to be profoundly  affected in every way. And you must realize that everything she does and says and writes is meant to heal not just yourself but others as well.  Have that respect when you come to class that each person there present is going to be changed by that class teaching even if you don’t want to listen and heal yourself.

Meeting a true Shaman is a once in a life time experience. There are only 19 true Shamans left alive in this world today and they are all over 65 years old. Each of them have dedicated their entire lives to being able to bring you to the changes you need to make in yourself to benefit yourself AND others. Do not think that anything less than this will  happen. But to benefit from your encounter with a true Shaman you have to be willing to change, to grow, to listen, to learn , to practice what you are given. It’s not so much about the words as it is about your experience with that Shaman.

What is it like to sit with Shaman Maggie and talk about an issue that you are concerned about? You would feel right away that she really cared about you and your concern and also that she knew the solution. You would sense immediately that she already knew how to fix your concern, how to heal that conflict and you would feel her dedication to you, to teach you what needs to change to bring you a happy solution. There would be a great sense of confidence in her because she obviously knows the answer you are looking for! She has been working with her guides for  over 60 years. She has been counseling people for over 45 years. But are you going to let her give you the practice you need to do to change the situation or to change yourself so that you can benefit yourself and others? Or do you just have a nice conversation and walk away?  Or do you demean her because she does not just wave a magic wand and fix your problems with no effort on your part?

There is a parable about a man who wanted to go visit the guru who sat at the top of the mountain and ask him the meaning of life.  I am sure that man did not go to all the trouble and effort and time to climb all the way up there and then just ask the guru how the weather was!  He was dedicated enough to his goal of asking his question that he did climb up that difficult mountain.  So you need to really think about how you can gain the most from your own encounter with a True Shaman. How dedicated are you? You have an amazing opportunity right here in your lap today. Are you taking full advantage of it? Are you asking for counseling for those situations and concerns you have in your life? Are you asking those most important questions that will change your life completely? Are you practicing the answers that you are being given so that your life CAN change for the better?  Or are you throwing this opportunity away because you were not really ready to change your life to benefit yourself and others? That is a hard question to ask yourself but it might explain why you are not using this gift you have today.

How many more times in your future do you expect to encounter a true Shaman? I will guarantee you, never again. And if you look back ten years from now would you feel you had used this opportunity the best you could? Or would you then wish that someone else would come along and give you the answers that could change your life to benefit yourself and others? It’s not going to happen to you again. But you have the gift right now if you want it. What is this once in a lifetime encounter with a True Shaman worth to you? How will you use it to your best advantage in your life right now?

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"Before I came across your writings, I had begun to read several books about shamanism without reading any of those books to the end. There was always something that made me put the book away.

When I came across the texts on your web site, that was the first
time I got a sense of having come in contact with the real thing;
profound truths." LK 2017

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