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Medicine Bags Custom 

Made  For You

Medicine bags, authentic for healing any purpose made for you by

Traditional Shaman Elder Maggie

Do you need healing from financial woes?
Do you need help with your relationships?
Do you need help with stress?
Do you need help finding your path in life?
Do you need protection?
Do you need more balance in your life?
Do you need to relax more?
Do you need to connect with Creator better?
Then a Medicine Bag is perfect for you!


Many miracles have occurred,
many healings have been attained,
many difficult crises have been avoided by owning these Medicine Bags.
Why? Because we too are part of Mother Earth
and we are connected to all things, to All That IS.
It is right and good to recognize that we have this connection and to seek our own help and healing within this connection and allow other created things to help us, as they are freely given to us by All That IS.


Shaman Maggie is honored to make a Medicine Bag for you according to your needs. Each one is unique, created just for you.
She puts a lot of time and effort into this work she considers sacred and an honor to do.
Every object in your Medicine Bag relates directly to her work with Creator and Mother Earth and together, the objects within your Medicine Bag come together
to work in energetic power for your benefit.


Because they are individually made by Shaman Elder Maggie,  your Medicine Bag will be carefully and individually gathered together using the elements of fire, air, water and earth as they choose to cooperate in your specific need.
Each Medicine Bag contains unique objects within a small leather pouch for you to carry on your person for at least 21 days.
When you forget about it, it forgets about you.
So it will remain tuned into you and energetically working for you until you no longer wish it to work.


It is not something for sale in a store.
We commonly use money for value exchange
and it is good to exchange something of value for something of value.
You are exchanging for the time and work of Shaman Maggie as she creates this Medicine Bag for you, not for the healing energy contained in the Medicine Bag. You can gift Shaman Maggie whatever you feel to give.

It can take up to a week for Shaman Maggie to find and connect all the objects who wish to volunteer for your healing purpose. When you receive it by mail, just wear it constantly for at least 21 days and let the healing power of the elements within it help you.
Just give it your attention.

Nothing else is required.


medicine bag 1
Medicine bag 2

Each one is unique, created just for you!

Just wear it for 21 days and let it heal you.

Powerful elements

chosen for your own needs!

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