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Original Traditional Shamanic  Teachings by Shaman Elder Maggie

Working to bring you  some of the more than 1,000 books and articles written by Shaman Elder Maggie in her 60 year career as a Traditional Shaman teacher. Stay tuned for more selections!

Some of these ebooks are password protected because they are meant for students only.  if you want to access them,

apply to become a student of this school here.

All books and articles produced and authored by Shaman Elder Maggie here are for educational purposes only. They are meant to teach various aspects of Traditional Shamanism only.

Since there are less than 35 actual Traditional Shamans left in this world, and only Shaman Elder Maggie remaining to teach this path from her own ancestors and elders, these teachings are not found elsewhere, making them rare and valuable. Each article or book will provide an actual skill or tool that a student can practice and master to improve his or her life.


This is how Traditional Shamanism has been taught through the centuries- through books and stories. Now you have the rare privilege of receiving these teachings yourself in MP3 audio or PDF  eBook format.

Meet Your Spirit Guides 45 pages.

Click here.

Another FREE Ebook:

"The Shamans Garb"

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You will learn the traditional Shamanic view of personal power and how you are being affected by unseen forces around you trying to force you to become what suits their agenda. I cannot completely guard you from this but if you know about it you can take the steps suggested to protect your own mind and retain your own power over your own life.   Click here

Power and Vibrational Entrainment

A FREE eBook "The Causal Planes" written by Shaman Elder Maggie teaching about  Traditional Shamanic journeying. Its not as easy as you might think.

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Boo Monster Steals Authority

Let's learn about self sabotage and discover why we don't seem to make progress and how we can eliminate the cause of our own discontent.  Simple Traditional Shamanic practices and truths for all people are to be found in this lecture. A clear simple road to freedom and power and accomplishment. It's about time someone said it in a way that makes sense and can be accomplished with just a change of thinking!  Click here.

Are You In Control?

Sometimes what we were led to believe  turns out not to be the truth. Let me show you how you got where you are and where to go from here. It's not your fault. Click here.

Be Here Now

When you are thinking, you are not having any experience at all. But life is meant to be experienced! No wonder you feel you are missing out! Let me teach you how to enjoy life.


What is purification and why is it necessary to the Traditional Shaman?

to read this class lecture ...

Female Shamans In Ancient History

Learn why the Female Shamans were considered to be the most powerful of all in this ebook. What could they do?

What Is The Inner Smile?

Smiling can melt energy patterns that we might feel are stuck or frozen inside us. It awakens our core sense of unity, and activates the inner will of our heart.  A teaching about the Dao and tai chi and inner alchemy and Traditional Shamanism all embraced in the practice of the inner smile. Students Only.

Why do people fear change and what do Traditional Shamans do to overcome their fear?


The Manifestation Machine

Your thoughts, even your passing emotions  cause things to manifest in your life. Learn how to control this power.

The one single greatest obstacle to your own spiritual growth  or even happiness is the enemy of Doubt. Learn how to identify and remove Doubt from your life.

Debilitating Doubt:

How To End It Forever


A Message from Shaman Elder Maggie


"I have been required in this lifetime to sacrifice everything for strangers; to offer up my life to save others, to bring sanity to the inconsolable, to upright those who found themselves in a self-made hell.

I have been asked to do things that only the best warriors could possibly do in service to their fellow men. I trained for this for 40 years. I practiced with the tools and skills  my Shaman Grandmother taught to me for decades in order to be here now – FOR YOU- as a teacher of what I myself have mastered.

 You were not sent here with a mission and no teacher.

 You have not found your way to this place by accident. And you know this is true.

My mission today in my elder years is to give you this school teaching Traditional Shamanism just as it has been practiced for thousands of years so that you yourself could learn to become this warrior in service today, in this time of worldwide suffering and struggle.


The need for you to step up and commit yourself to your own self is the first step.

By learning how to see the reality around you as it is, without the untrue beliefs and manipulations you have been subjected to, is how  you identify what you  can do here to uplift this planet.  And that begins as all true Traditional Shamanic Apprenticeships begin, with healing yourself.  That is what I will teach you first in this 101 Course.

And even if you never get any farther on this path than the 101 Course, at least you will have healed yourself- and through that effort, you will bring a greater Light into this world for all of us.

For it is said, that one candle lit in darkness brings a thousand lumens of Light to everything around it.  

Let’s begin now.

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