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Soul Retrieval

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Smudging - What It Is and How To Do it.

Then inhale again and let the grounding of Mother Earth fill you up from your feet to above your head. Just do this constantly. Be aware of it. It is like two spirals of energy. And they meet in your solar plexus, your third chakra like a figure 8. Feel the energies going up and coming down like two vortices. I picture the one from Mother Earth as spinning counterclockwise and the one from Spirit spinning clockwise. You can let me know what direction they spin in for you. These two vortices protect you within their energy field and deflect any energy that is not meant for you. They build up an increase in power. They are called by some as a chi generator. As the chi around you increases, so does this barrier from outside forces as you find your power and strength within.

Just do this constantly. You will really feel filled with power, protection, grounding and a strong connection to guidance. Sure you will forget as you busy yourself with other things, but when you remember just keep doing it. Try it now! You have just learned a traditional shamanic skill that can really benefit you in many ways!
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I am sixth in lineage from Dr Usui and have been teaching since 1985.

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     A Traditional Shamanic  Practice      For you

When you take a breath in, breathe in from the ground, from Mother Earth, from the roots of yourself, the trees, the grass, the rivers, the seas. Breathe in grounding and balance that Mother Earth gives us gladly. Breathe in from your feet all the way to above your head.

When you breathe out breathe down from the top of your head. Breathe down the love of God from above. Breathe down to your feet all the love, protection, and guidance freely given to you from Spirit. Feel it coming down through your head all the way to your toes as you exhale. Let it fill you up.

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