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 A reader asked me this:

"Following a very intense kundalini awakening 15 months ago, I've been dealing with a very intense entity attachment. I've had had numerous Shaman's try to remove this "demon" but with limited success. Do you offer such a service? Thanks! :) Nathan

Shaman Elder Maggie phohto

Shaman Elder Maggie

"A kundalini awakening can be so so hazardous to every one of your four bodies. Gosh!
I went through that when I was  18 and I can say it took me four years to find my balance again after that.
I was young and stupid and thought a kundalini awakening would give me some kind of power or special ability but instead it just destroyed my entire reality and it took me four years to create a new one.
 Unfortunately , who you were before this is entirely gone now.
You cannot go back to being who you were before.
This is the same thing we experience when someone close to us dies.
 It is a death in all true respects.
We change. We cannot then think that to heal we should go back to being who we were before.
We cannot ever be that person again. This is what the process of grief is all about.
 Not trying to go back to being who you were before that person you loved died, but rather to embrace what you have become now.
 For most people that is a more somber, serious, mortal self. And it takes time.

Well the same is true for a kundalini awakening.
 Right now you are trying to go back to being who you were before the awakening. But the only way you are going to get through this is to actually recreate your reality around what you are today and the problem is that you don’t know what you have become now because you have never been like this before.
 I get it! I totally understand.

But there Is nothing here to heal, Nathan.  The fact is you  have changed, and now you get to figure out how to operate in this new reality. And unfortunately there is no grand prize at the end of the road for you at all.
I advise people not to even try to do a kundalini awakening. I know that kundalini energy will rise naturally the more progress you make in incorporating your spiritual body into your earthly world self. Nobody needs to accelerate this process. I don’t know why you chose to do this to yourself but I am sure you now realize it was a mistake.

This new reality is not anything you have experienced before. You don’t know how to react or how to behave in every day ordinary situations. Am I correct?
Everything seems a bit foreign to you and it’s like you are out of step with the universe now. Am I correct?

 So this is not an attachment and that is why nobody has been able to help you.
 If it were an attachment, it is the attachment of a different and previously unknown part of your own energetic self that is alien to you and that you have to embrace and own and allow yourself to meld with. You are fighting against the part of you that you opened up and now you don’t like it very much.
Am I correct?

I teach a course in Traditional Shamanism as my own elders and ancestors walked through life thousands of years ago. This is the ancient way and nobody else on this planet is teaching this path  to enlightenment.  The classes are online on Monday nights at 9PM eastern and you also get unlimited email dialogue with me. I teach you the reality of a Shaman practitioner. How to walk this unique path through life. It is a solution for your problem with your kundalini awakening and my own experience prompted me to offer this to others who have had kundalini awakenings and are lost with no reality to call their own.
 I think that working with me on these lessons will help you incorporate this other part of you over time. It was after my kundalini awakening that I began to seriously practice this path that was taught to me by my grandmother. It led me to that place of incorporation and so much more.

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