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Shamanic Counseling


Health & Body​/Communication​


Traditional Shamanic Esoteric Assistance Offered to You

Are you exhausted? Worried? No time to get everything done? Too much to do? Broke? Unemployed? Bad relationship? No relationship? Conflicts? Does it seem like life is getting out of control?

What does a country do when it is under enemy attack? It seeks allies. It is something instinctive – when humans are in difficulty, they have this ancient wisdom of always seeking allies; they feel that alone, they are too vulnerable.


Today you have the wonderful opportunity to employ a Traditional Indigenous Shaman with over 60 years of experience in the worlds of energy and intention as your ally

to get more things done easily

to manifest your intentions,

to protect you,

to bring abundance into your reality as only a True Shaman can do


What is it that she can provide for you that you don’t have right now?

What is it that you need to get rid of in your life so that you can be at ease?


Healing the spirit is the primary function of a Shaman

Just tell her what it is that you need.

Let her take away your struggles,

so that you don’t have to struggle,

so that you don’t have to work so hard,

so that you are not exhausted by the end of the day,

so that you don’t have to worry,

so that you don’t have to feel angry or depressed any more,

so that you are not stressed out,

so that you can enjoy life for what it truly is again in health.


"Let me do what I know how to do to make your life better."

Yes this is possible because Shaman Elder Maggie is one of the last remaining 35 true indigenous Shamans on this planet and has done the work for over 60 years to get herself into that place where she can work with the Power of Source to produce changes that will benefit your life! She has the ability to intercede on your behalf for whatever you feel you need to make your life better, easier, happier today. 


The solution is to link in with Shaman Elder Maggie , who is connected to  Creator Source, to the guides and protectors of all humanity, letting her do the fighting on the battlefields of esoteric energy where everything is first conceived, as the warrior she is, as your champion… and meanwhile, you can watch the results manifesting in your physical reality."

What an incredible offer! .


This victory begins on the spiritual planes, in your higher self and will slowly filter down into your mind, your heart, and your physical body, your reality. It is only necessary that you ALLOW, accept and receive this healing, this bounty to be manifested in your reality as Shaman Elder Maggie prepares the way and opens the floodgates to bring in your freedom, your wholeness, your creativity, your abundance, your nurturing, your protection, your relaxation and even your pleasure. 


There are blocks, gates, brambles crowding into your life preventing you from walking through  your day in ease and relaxation and peace and joy. Shaman Elder Maggie can do the work to remove the blocks, to open the gates, to make your life easier and everything that you would love to have in your reality. email:


"You have entered a diverse group seeking the same goal - to walk their Path. Shaman Elder Maggie can help you in this as she has helped all of us to realize our reality. Whatever you give of yourself in this pursuit will be returned a hundred fold." - LW, Texas

How the Ancient Shamans Worked


You now have the ability to employ a True Traditional Shaman to work for you, on your behalf. All Traditional Shamans were always employed by their community, their tribe, their people.For their work they were given clothes and food and housing and more. They were remunerated for their services with the very best that the tribe had to offer. And if they could not do what they were hired to do they were cast out of the community without food or home or clothing and left to wander in the wilderness.  Their shabby appearance warned other communities to not hire that shaman and so without home or food they died. Now you can see why so few people chose to become Traditional Shamans. Either a True Shaman does what he promises or he is cast out and shunned. The fact that Shaman Elder Maggie is here proves that she has been able to accomplish everything that she has been hired to do..


You can schedule a one hour phone consultation with Shaman Elder Maggie or you can email her for free.

"I thank you for all that you do for me Shaman Maggie.You are a very wonderful person and I am glad God sent you into my have helped me more than words can say

I hope I can be a help to someone someday the way you have been for me." - Jennifer, NB

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