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About Shaman Elder Maggie

Author, Speaker, Healer, Teacher

M.A. in Psychology, Doctorate in Theology,

Author of The Shaman Speaks, Trained in Traditional Shamanism  for over 60 years as practiced by her own family linage .

Through the use of her Traditional Shamanic techniques, dreaming and trance work, Elder Shaman Maggie  to an individual's eternal soul, unblocking the paths and tunnels to one's own innate healing abilities allowing one's Life Force to burn brightly once again, enlivening peace, abundance, joy, and creativity. Shamanic healing works on all facets of the person - past, present and future - restoring and opening the natural lines for personal success in mind, body and spirit.

Shaman Elder Maggie comes from a traditional shamanic lineage, is an Ordained Minister and has been counseling online for free for over 40 years. She is an expert  Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning. She has published two books on Traditional Shamanism.


Shaman Elder Maggie offers expert spiritual guidance, online lectures, take at home courses, personalized retreats, vision quests, medicine wheel ceremonies in person on the Sacred Land where she lives in the US. Just write her an email for more information.


Traditional Shamanism addresses the intention or root of disease through the etheric egglike structure that surrounds each one of us, our connection to the Divine energies that run everywhere at all times without end. Some call this the spiritual DNA of life and indeed to look at the energies surrounding us it can indeed look like a double helix spiral of DNA strands.


Expert Shaman Elder can reach into and travel these leylines of electromagnetic energy that connect us all and clear the blockages and interruptions away allowing for  growth of consciousness that has been stopped up by oneself or by others across time and space, and the recollection and integration of one's true selfwhere healing waits within.


Shaman Elder Maggie has successfully treated hundreds of ailments from heart conditions, tumors, cancers, gastrointestinal maladies, at risk pregnancies, comas, suicide attempts, phobias, manias, depression and other chronic illnesses as well as a host of undiagnosed diseases. Often people come to Shaman Elder Maggie when all traditional medical care has been to no avail and yet the ways of this dedicated Shaman have been successful.


An Expert in the field of Traditional Shamanism as the ancient peoples practiced it. Handed down through her own family lineage for generationsthe abilities to heal the sick and even raise the dead, to pass through dimensions and warp space and time to find and work with the energetic mendicants that are not present in this material world that can only be found by mastery of the higher states of being -

are the skills and abilities that Shaman Elder Maggie brings to each of you for your own benefit.

From Shaman Elder Maggie:

I come from a long lineage in this lifetime as my Shaman Grandmother immigrated to America to evade persecution as a young girl. Imagine her mother and father trying to scrape up the money needed to buy her a ticket on an ocean liner ( in the lowest part of the boat) so they could send her away to a place they had never been and never see her again. That is how much they loved their daughter. That is how badly my Shamanic elders were being persecuted.


Imagine this young girl spending 4 weeks huddled with sick strangers going somewhere she knew nothing about.She clung to her
knowledge and heritage of Traditional Shamanism. It became hugely
important to her life and to her well being. Even there on the ship she used her skills to bring healing to the other passengers who spoke many foreign languages and came from many other countries. I watched my Grandmother practice shamanism all my life. The knock on the door and the freshly prepared meal that would come with it. My grandmother always gave her healing away. She never charged anyone and would only graciously accept whatever offerings grateful patients would donate.

She always was laughing. Everything was such a joy to her and
her grandchildren were her precious jewels. She would spend
hours twirling my long hair into beautiful curls. As she twined her hands through my locks she would tell me the stories, the metaphors that were the key to understanding the ways of the Shaman.

Later she would let me observe her work with her clients and help her in preparation. I watched her keen sense of observation as she would look at a person not just with physical eyes but with her "other" eyes that could see beyond the words being spoken into the heart of the truth. I remember listening to the plights of her patients and watching my grandmother take a totally different kind of
healing path that seemed unrelated to what the patient said. My grandmother explained to me that what we think we want on the outside may be a long way from what our spirit needs.


Later as I studied with my friends who are Native Americans I learned that the totem animals of the medicine wheel also show a hidden spiritual quest behind the conscious wish. In my studies I found many things that my Shaman Grandmother taught me were actually identical to the Traditional Shamanic practices of other cultures throughout time. The Celtic Shaman, The Native American Shaman, the Gypsy Shaman, the Inuit Shaman, the Japanese Shaman, the Incan Shaman all have the same knowledge! I find that amazing considering the separation of time and distance.

My Shaman Grandmother put my feet firmly on the path of Traditional Shamanism and I have been walking and teaching this path all my life. -Aho

"To all earnest potential students I sincerly would like to say: "don't hesitate; try a FREE Pass to the Traditional Shaman Lecture Series. It can be the start of atruly profound and amazing spiritualtransformation !!" - D dK ,Suriname



You are truly among friends here, no longer shouldyou feel "weird" but rather traveling on the enlightened path of your journey. As SmallElk said, when the student is ready, the

teacher appears. We are especially blessed tohave the spiritual and humble Shaman ElderMaggie to guide us on this path." -

Katy, San Antonio, TX




"Youhave entered a diverse group seeking the samegoal to walk their Path. Shaman Elder Maggiecan help you in this as she has helped all of

us to realise our reality. Whatever you giveof yourself in this pursuit will be returneda hundred fold." - LW, Texas


        "I thank you for all that you

do for me Shaman Maggie. You are

a verywonderful person and I am glad God sent youinto my have helped me more than words can say. I hope I can be ahelp

to someone someday the way you have been forme." - Jennifer,  NB


"This is a wonderful group and a skilled teacher/Shaman to study with. I wish for you to find all you

need and desire from this course."

TK, Rogue River, OR


Traditional Shamanism for you

You can learn the old ways now.

Weekly Class lectures online includes free mp3s and transcripts even if you cannot make it to Monday's classes, free lessons by email, free ebooks. No Charge but I expect dedicated students.

Apply here!
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