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Traditional Shamanic Teachings

Learn about Traditional Shamanism here and get a feel for how Shaman Elder Maggie teaches the ways of her own indigenous lineage. You can become her student today!

What Is Traditional Shamanism

A PDF book you can read on this site that teaches you what it means to practice Traditional Shamanism as it was handed down over the centuries in Shaman Elder's family lineage, preserving the ancient skills and tools for generations to come.

Traditional shaman ritual

Testing the Spirits

There is a specific technique that a Shaman uses to determine if spirits, guides, entities, beings that visit him or her are beneficial or not. It is an ancient technique that has been around as long as Shamanism has been around. It was written in Egyptian papyrus scrolls. It is found in the Book of Thoth, another ancient manuscript. It is found in the Bible.

How to Become A Shaman

What does it mean to be a Shaman?  What does it feel like? What can  you do as a Shaman Practitoner? Shaman Elder Maggie has devised a course to teach what her elders taught to her because she does not want to see these teachings lost to the world. In this way she can teach all the students who come to her to learn these ancient ways.            

Grounding : What Is It and How to Do It

A Shaman needs to have the eyes, ears and heart of a hunter to wait patiently, observe closely, move stealthily and think clearly in perfect balance to be successful. Learn to ground yourself well and see your daily life improve in all areas.

A PDF eBook to read here.

Traditional shamanism
Kundalini like coming out of a cave

The Meaning of Life to a Traditional Shaman

Kundalini: What Is it? Do I want it?
Yikes, what is happening to me?
Often I am consulted on cases where a person has deliberately or inadvertantly opened their kundalini energy.  This teaching will explain what kundalini is and what to do if you find yoruself in kundalini crisis.

How To End Suffering Using Traditional Shamanism

​Yes it is possible to not only heal disease through your studies here  in this apprenticeship but also how to end pain  from mental, emotional and spiritual conflicts. You can begin this process by simply reading this teaching by Shaman Elder Maggie.

Karmic Imbalances- Why Am I Unhappy?

You have created your present reality with your thoughts, words an actions even if you didn't realize it. How the Traditional Shaman creates good karma so that his or her reality is good, too

Becoming A Warrior For The Light

The path of Traditional Shamanism is not about your own personal reality. It is about being an example of someone who has done the work to be healed so that other people can see that it is possible for themselves to be healed, too. If there is no example of healing then how can anyone achieve healing? It takes a warrior to be this example in this world.

For Students only


 The greatest obstacle to spiritual growth is choosing not to become aware of All That IS. people don't even want to look at themselves even if it would mean ending their suffering or improving their lives. How can anything get better if we are not willing to see what is harming us?

Advanced -For Students Only

The Petty Tyrant and The Warrior Traveler

How to use those people who trigger you as an opportunity to practice.

There is so much more that Shaman Elder Maggie would love to teach you! She offers class lectures each week to anyone who wants to learn the ways of Traditional Shamanism. She offers transcripts and MP3 recordings to those who want to learn but cannot attend her lectures live. She has written over 100 eBooks teaching her heritage. You can begin an Apprenticeship with her  today  for no cost.

The Power of Fire

A practice to increase one's Will Power and ability to manifest beneficially for oneself and others. Click here to read.

This is an advanced practice and requires a pass word to study. To get the password, become a student in this school.  Apply here.

The Warriors Shield

Shields have been an important tool for the warrior throughout all history. But what about the shield of the Traditional Shaman? Does it do more than just repel the enemy's arrows? Find out what  those symbols on the shield represent and more!

You need to be a student to access this class lecture. Sign up today below!

Mindful Awareness Takes Courage

How is it that a Traditional Shaman remains poised and balanced in any circumstance? But that is what it takes to be a master warrior on this battlefield of life and to be of benefit to others who are under attack. It takes the courage of being your True Authentic Self. Let me teach you how to do this.

(Password required teaching - Become a student to gain access, it's free)

Being  OK With What Is

 Here we  learn about a serious problem for many human beings that you need to be able to identify and work with as a Shaman practitioner in this world. This is about the work you will do for the WE, once you have healed your own self.

(Password required teaching - Become a student to gain access, it's free)

How to Remove The Basket Hat

Stepping Out of the Comfort Cage
How to become aware of All That IS~ a Traditional Shamanic Truth to practice.

(Password required teaching - Become a student to gain access, it's free. Click here for Application.)

The Shaman Speaks Book

Soul Retrieval

What it is and what it is not.

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