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What Is Traditional Shamanism

There are certain practices and certain disciplines that allow the true Traditional Shaman to reach that place where the state of Traditional Shamanic “being” can land in his hands.  I teach these practices to those who want to learn. It is like a power that is bestowed upon us rather than something we seek and obtain for ourselves. But yes, there are ways to prepare for this state of being that must be accomplished if it is ever to be bestowed. And that work is all within you. I don't take everyone as an Apprentice.

Every created thing is energy. It receives and emits energy. The first goal for the Traditional Shaman apprentice is to break out of the limits of the physical perceptions only, which create limited beliefs and limited realities by their very nature, and to perceive with inner senses the energies that lie beyond the limits of outer senses.


The path of the Traditional Shaman is a constant walk of becoming, expanding and self-awareness. We cannot create a reality of love and compassion and joy from only the limited perceptions gained by our outer senses alone. We all have inner senses as well but we were taught to ignore them as they are not necessary to surviving in the physical world.


And yet this is reality, a huge reality that we have never perceived. If we cannot perceive something, we cannot take it into our belief system, we cannot make it a part of our reality. We first must perceive. This is my lesson on awareness.  And as we learn to perceive more and more as the ancient shamans knew how to do , we can begin to understand “being”.


Clarity, discipline, a relationship with this Energy is required. Letting go of the negative ego which holds this limited reality in place in our lives, this sense of self importance, that does not allow us to perceive beyond our own little lives needs to be let go by reaching out and perceiving more of all that is. The more you open up to new perceptions the more you let this Energy flow through you. Its not all about you! It's not all about the little reality you have created in your own life. It's about Energy.


It is a discipline to allow an unfettered relationship with everything around you. And as you align yourself as an explorer with all that is, you will find this treasure of balance and joy and focus and Energy within you. As we let go of our limited perceptions and explore new perceptions using the skills of the ancient shamans, we loosen up, we can perceive Energy more and more. We can then explore what is really here, far beyond what we thought was here. We can then relax and deepen into ourselves as we see our connection and indeed our essence in this Energy and become the real expression of ourselves within the world, within Light, within this Energy.


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