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Ovuu Shrine in Missouri

Ovuu Shrine

 Here where I live, there is a shrine built to honor the Spirit of the forest.
 It is a special shrine built exactly in the same way as thetraditional Shamans built them in ancient times in Mongolia and Siberia  who wanted to receive blessings and healing from the Spirit of the Forest.

The Mongolian people understood that one of the most important things to keep the world                      ( macrocosm) or ourselves (microcosm)  in balance is to respect the elements; the sky, water, fire, wind and earth. It was well understood that all animals and plants and trees have spirits or souls like and are sentient like ourselves. The Mongolian word "tegsh" describes the condition of being in balance with all of them and thus with ourselves as well.

Trees were honored by tying pieces of cloth on their branches to ask for favors and Mongolians then created shrines by gathering tree limbs together and forming a tipi looking structure as a standing altar built in the deep woods and forests. Trees are believed to have strong Spirit and are respected or given offerings of scarves called “khadgas “(khadak - a ceremonial scarf). "Khadak" means blessing scarf. The scarf is blue because it also symbolizes Tengri or Creator. Because Tengri resided in the blue sky, the color turquoise was its symbol of worship and constant reminder of the grace of the Creator. Grace is the heart of belief.

There were official ceremonies performed at these holy shrines in spring and fall but also anyone passing by such an altar or “Ovuu” would stop and add  his own piece of cloth called  khadak, kata in Tibetan language, or offering, for safety, protection and good health after walking around the Ovuu three times clockwise. By doing this, the person symbolically added his energies to the Ovuu’s power and the Ovuu in turn adds energy to him.  By adding his piece of cloth or khadak, he receives healing, protection and abundance as much as he is willing to have.

I am offering you now the opportunity to hang a khadak or kata scarf, blue in color, on the Ovuu here in this forest, for you personally.  I will inscribe a hand made khadak with your name or the name of the person you are asking for prayers for -and hang it for you. I will take a photo of it for you and email that photo to you.

We have seen many miracles and many prayers answered almost immediately by those visitors who have been able to come here and hang their kata on this Ovuu. So I wanted to make this special opportunity available to everyone!

Click  Here   have a kata hung on the Ovuu and and a photo of your prayer scarf kata on the Ovuu shrine!
Receive the blessings and gifts of Creator in this most beautiful way from Mother Earth as the Spirit of the Forest herself. Allow her to bring you balance in this holy shrine.

Shaman Ovuu Shrine Katas closeup
Shaman Ovuu Shrine Bell of Faith
Ovuu Shrine at LHC

You have an amazing opportunity to be one of Shaman Elder Maggie's own Apprentices at no cost to you.

 However there is often a waiting list so please fill out the application form now. Be patient.  Not everyone is accepted.

Application Form

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