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What Is A Talisman and How do I Get One?

In ancient times illness was thought to be due to something entering the body, and recovery meant ridding oneself of this contamination. Shamans, usually
female, were employed to drive away this evil spirit. The original
function of the Shaman was not just to drive evil spirits from the
body, but to charm away all the spirits that bring unhappiness. The
Shaman also performed rites invoking the gods' blessings for good
fortune, the birth of a male child or a good harvest, etc.


Talismans range in style from highly structured, geometric patterns to
free-form swirls .Most incorporate lines of Chinese or Sanskrit into a maze of effigies, figures, star charts and religious symbols. Used not
only for exorcising evil spirits, some talismans are also used as
assisting those in need of special help.The employment
of such talismans is an involved process requiring rites of
purification, performing chants, creating  the talisman, and posting it
in the appropriate place. At the beginning of the lunar year, Shamans
 often prepare talismans and send them to their followers for
posting. The beginning of springtime is an important season and, by
custom, families usually post a talisman in the hope that spring will
bring happiness and harmony to the family.


Shaman Elder Maggie has created a limited supply

She is also willing to create a custom talisman for your own personal intention whether that is for financial prosperity, love, health or any other conflict you wish to overcome.


Limited time offer!


Shaman Elder Maggie is not in this for money but rather to bring you the blessings she is capable of providing in her 60 years as a Traditional Shaman practitioner. 









1. The Eight Auspicious Symbols Talisman-

To bring Love, Luck and all forms of Abundance into your life

- The precious umbrella saves us from all this life’s obstacles—such as sicknesses, contagious diseases, spirit possessions, interferers and so forth.

-The yellow fish. Fish swim as they like without fear in the ocean.

run and enjoy freely with no resistance from happiness to happiness without fear of drowning in the oceans of suffering.

-The vase of great treasure is a dependent arising that brings unceasingly all desired things, the fortune of a glorious life, enjoyments and so forth

-The lotus is a dependent arising that frees us from all the stains of mistakes

-The white conch shell swirling clockwise awakens  beings from the ignorant sleep of unknowing

-The glorious peu to utilize and support each other in one continuous connection.

-The banner  for the activities of one’s own to not be stepped upon by obstacles or disharmonious conditions but to be victorious

-The golden Dharmachakra for total liberation.
















2. The Bushido Kanji

To show yourself as a powerful warrior to the world. This talisman will bring you courage and strength to deal with any obstacle or conflict with the skills of a master warrior. Gain calmness in the midst of storms and level headed insights and abilities to make excellent choices in your life. A Bushido warrior is the most powerful of all Japanese Warriors in ancient times. Now you can wear or carry this talisman to  emulate those same powers too.

















​3. Liberation by Contact with the Six Holy syllables.

This talisman will help you overcome any negative karma you may have created and are now feeling the effects of in your life.

Can't get ahead? Need financial prosperity? Need a new job? Seem stuck where you are? This is the talisman to change all of that for you! we unknowingly create a lot of bad karma  by being selfish and not thinking about how our thoughts words and actions are affecting other people negatively. This talisman will erase that negative karma and put you back on a level playing field to create an easy and happy reality for yourself.




















4. Kalachakra Tenfold Powerful Protection Talisman

The talisman of the Kalachakra stands on a lotus that is made up of seven individual syllables intertwined, and crowned with the symbol of the sun, the moon and the flame, making a total of ten very powerful elements within the image. You can wear or carry this visual protection against untimely death and harm from evil spirits.

I can make you a talisman for whatever you need.

financial prospertiy


specific healing needs


harmony at home or work

and much much more.

Just send me an email here with what you would want your talisman to help you with and I will respond.















5. Release Pain Talisman

There are many kinds of pain -from physical injuries and operations to emotional pain of grief and conflict to mental pain of facing fears and living in trying conditions. This talisman will release ALL kinds of pain from the person who wears it or keeps it on one’s body, especially chronic pain or long term suffering. Pain has been around for thousands of years and even the ancient Shamans knew how to create a talisman to release pain.
 This talisman is a very ancient Shamanic talisman and has worked for millions of people throughout the centuries.
 Just allow this powerful talisman to take your pain into itself and release you from whatever pain you are experiencing. It is like a sponge that just sucks in all the pain for your body mind and spirit and condenses it into this talisman and purifies it and uncreates it -completely.
















6.  Removing Negative Karma Talisman

Connecting  to The Paradise Land of Amitabha

A karmic debt is, basically, any cause that hasn’t yet found its resolve; any thoughts, words or actions that may have separated a person from the “Heaven” that awaits us all.

Amitabha mandala is used as a talisman for long life and enlightenment. Amitabha, as a Buddhist representation of Creator, is known as “the keeper of Heaven” and by seeing this symbol you are relieved of any negative karma you may have created, giving yourself the opportunity to have Amitabha escort you personally when you cross over into this beautiful paradise on the other side.

This talisman provides its wearer with a deep feeling of spiritual peace and being taken care of. It eliminates worries and anxieties especially about death and the process of crossing over.  It provides a direct instant admission to Paradise by removing any old karmic debts still needing to be repaid. It provides that sense of freedom from guilt and promises not kept.



Glass and Silver Metal
1 1/2 inches
in diameter
Powerful even to look at!

Talismans hand made by Shaman Elder Maggie currently not available. Sign up here to be put on the waiting list to receive one.

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