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Medicine bags, authentic for healing any purpose made for you by Traditional Shaman Elder Maggie

Do you need healing from financial woes?
Do you need help with your relationships?
Do you need help with stress?
Do you need help finding your path in life?
Do you need protection?
Do you need more balance in your life?
Do you need to relax more?
Do you need to connect with Creator better?
Then a Medicine Bag is perfect for you!


Shaman Maggie is honored to make a Medicine Bag for you according to your needs.
She puts a lot of time and effort into this work she considers sacred and an honor to do.
Every object in your Medicine Bag relates directly to her work with Creator and Mother Earth
and together, the objects within your Medicine Bag come together
to work in energetic power for your benefit.


Many miracles have occurred,
many healings have been attained,
many difficult crises have been avoided by owning these Medicine Bags.
Why? Because we too are part of Mother Earth
and we are connected to all things, to All That IS.
It is right and good to recognize that we have this connection
and to seek our own help and healing within this connection
and allow other created things to help us,
as they are freely given to us by All That IS.


Because they are individually made by Shaman Elder Maggie
, your Medicine Bag will be carefully and individually gathered together
using the elements of fire, air, water and earth
as they choose to cooperate in your specific need.
Each Medicine Bag contains unique objects within a small pouch
for you to carry on your person for at least 21 days.
When you forget about it, it forgets about you.
So it will remain tuned into you and energetically working for you
until you no longer wish it to work.


The price is $29.00. Shipping and handling are free!
It is not something for sale in a store.
We commonly use money for value exchange
and it is good to exchange something of value for something of value.
You are exchanging for the time and work of Shaman Maggie as she creates this Medicine Bag for you,
not for the healing energy contained in the Medicine Bag.
It can take up to a week for Shaman Maggie to find and connect all the objects who wish to volunteer for your healing purpose
When you recieve it by mail, just wear it constantly for at least 21 days
and let the healing power of the elements within it help you.
Just give it your attention. Nothing else is required.


Click the Paypal button now to order your own custom made Medicine Bag today.

The requested healing purpose

ONLY $29.00. FREE shipping and handling!


l also would like to let you know the medicine bag you did for my blood pressure have been wearing it since l recieved it and usual reading is 160/95 with controlling pills, went to G.P and its 120/85 considering all that has happened these past weeks really surprised and very happy as is my doctor, so l thank you so much!- Annemarie 3/16/12

"Dear Shaman Maggie, I received the medicine bag five days ago, thanks so much, I carry it every where, and it goes under my pillow at night. I am expressing myself more, or so I think, my man is happy with me, so that makes me happy, plus I hope to have a new job next Tuesday. Seems like every thing is falling into place for me, all thanks to you. Love and Light to you In Lak 'ech- Marian"

"oh update on my back pain.. been going to the chiropractor every week now. i have worn my medicine bag daily (nightly and even while i work out)!!! I also went to a massage therapist too!! The results are amazing.. i really feel the medicine bag has done it's magic.. i'm almost pain free.. i feel wonderful waking up in the morning and bending over to tie my shoes which was a painful chore just three weeks ago... so it's been wonderful.. so much so i'm not taking it off after 30 days.. ha ha!! i feel wonderful!!! love ya!!- Jill Marie"

"Dear Shaman Elder Maggie, I just wanted to thank you very much for the healing medicine bag. It is doing wonders for me so far! I'm less depressed than I have been in years. Thanks so much for this and all you've done! Eileen "

"you saved my life, thank you. i think i would have gone crazy if you didnt exist. i owe you a debt that i dont think i can repay to you. but maybe i can repay it by showing the world the light. thank you so much -Alex"

"Thank you for the medicine bag that you created for my husband. He has been having very vivid dreams since he received it. Our relationship has been becoming stronger. He has been so present and mindful. I imagine part of this is due to his sobriety. And I am clear the medicine bag is healing him and us." Alicia 12/2011



A Medicine Bag How Do I Make Mine??

By Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

A medicine bag is an ancient item that spiritually represents the person who wears it. In 1991 the body of a man who lived over 5,000 years ago was found frozen in a high mountain range and with him was a medicine bag. The medicine bag is known in all cultures and through out all of history. They contain objects such as leaves, feathers, stones, herbs such as sweetgrass, sage, cedar, lavender or pinion, and other objects which have been added by the wearer and considered spiritually significant.

Medicine bags can be as small as 1 inch by 1 inch or as large as 30 inches in length. They are typically made of leather and you can purchase such a bag to make your own at most metaphysical stores.

The reasons to carry a medicine are for guidance, healing and protection. Most medicine bags contain a quartz crystal as one of its objects. Quartz energy resonates with all the energies of the physical body and is considered a remarkable healing stone. It connects you to your spiritual self.

Other items you might like in your own medicine bag are items you may have found a special attraction to or resonance with in your life. For example, a special shell you found at the seashore or a feather you found or a piece of pine tree or a juniper berry that holds meaning for you. We often meet up with items that seem to be just waiting for us to pick them up and carry them home and then we don't know what to do with them. This is one place to give them a home close to your heart. The essence of these special items create an energy in your medicine bag and that energy is the force that represents you. So by creating a medicine bag and wearing it close to your heart you are connecting with your spiritual self, the authentic you and always remembering who you are.

The Shaman often carries a medicine bag that has items in it for healing oneself and others. I carry many things in my tiny medicine bag. I met with a group of healers recently who laughed at me for having such a small medicine bag! Mine is only about 1 inch by 1 inches. But it is not about the size at all, it is about what it contains. My medicine bag contains items that I can use for healing others on the spot. I carry jojoba, a plant grown in the southwest for healing skin infections, bug bites and rashes. I carry a moonstone for healing trauma, a small piece of serpentine that heals all kinds of internal disorders. A small ostrich feather to heal any kind of spiritual negativity, a seagull feather to remove any lesions or other intrusions upon the body, the herb feverfew to ease fevers, a hair from an elephant who is my totem animal, the animal that I resonate the most with, and the Three Sisters: a kernel of corn, a dried bean and a squash seed that connect me to the abundance and healing of Mother Earth. So the medicine bag I carry is a healing bag and I might remove an item or use the whole bag in an emergency situation or when visiting someone who is sick by laying my bag upon the illness or broken leg for example. It works!

Your medicine bag is a holy item for you and should never be opened by anyone. It contains your holy items, those that help you heal, those that bring you protection, those items that connect you with your guides or angels. The word totem animal is often referred to and that would mean something that represents an animal that you closely identify with and feel a kinship for as I do with the elephant. You can put something to represent this animal in your medicine bag. Your item represents the power of this animal.

To make your medicine bag you can purchase a small leather pouch or make your own from a piece of hide or natural colored canvas. The outside of your bag should be a natural color or earth tone like tan. You can decorate the outside of your bag with symbols or drawings of animals or leaves, whatever feels right in your heart. Before placing your items in your bag take a moment to bless them and realize their meaning in your life and why you wish to carry them with you in this way. Bless Mother Earth and her creatures for providing these things for you.

Think of how each item represents your own power to heal, to guide and protect others by carrying this medicine bag. This is your connection to your spiritual nature. Carrying this medicine bag will increase your awareness of your own sacredness and the bag becomes sacred too. AS you go through life you may find other things you want to add to this medicine bag. If you wear it and add to it throughout the years it becomes a spiritual scrap book of your life, your travels, your achievements, who you really are and is a wonderful thing to hand down to grandchildren who can understand its meaning and respect its value as you now do.

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