Life Healing Community

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  Life Healing Community   

Our Vision

A premier community of educators and alternative healers welcoming visitors, students and all those seeking health for their body, mind and spirit. A sacred miracle place of healing unparalleled in the United States located on 17 acres of wooded land with permanent guest houses, faculty, research staff and qualified healers available for all who seek complimentary methods of healing.

Life Healing Community is located in the Ozark Mountains of Winona Missouri. To schedule a visit please write to Shaman Elder Maggie works here too so you can email her as well.

Our Mission

We are committed to bringing health and well-being to all people by providing alternative healing services through coordinated programs and collaborative research and education in a community setting. Life Healing Community is sacred ground that provides three coordinated programs: research, education, and integrated healing services. The mission of Life Healing Community is to help people enhance their health and well being by providing a professional program of emotional support, education and self empowerment. In addition, we seek to provide an environment where learners of all ages can experience something greater than themselves: a rich and joyful fellowship dedicated to a loving and non-judgmental community.


Our Aim

We support the healing of each individual on this miraculous healing site and offer educational programs to the medical community, alternative health care providers, and the community at large with the goal of providing the means and locaiton for miraculous healings to occur and providing information about the available evidence supporting miraculous healings on this sacred land.

Other Services and Programs offered :

� Personal Retreats

 � Meditation Programs

� Healing StudiesFONT>

 � Grief Recovery

� Stress Reduction Programs

� Supportive Therapies for Stress

� Self Empowerment Programs

� Hands on Healing Work


This Community also encourages its residents and guests to participate in its ongoing spiritual enclave dedicated to exploring ways in which spiritual, contemplative wisdom from all the world's great spiritual traditions can help heal modern day world problems. We host spiritual retreats with some of the world�s greatest spiritual teachers and healers from all traditions and offer our own programs in 4 main areas: world peace, Mother Earth, preserving indigenous teachings and practices, and serving the world community.


Life Healing Community educational programs:

1. Cultivate awareness through intellectual, artistic, and meditative disciplines;

2. Foster a learning community which teaches wisdom  and respect for the Source of all healing;

3. Cultivate openness and communication, sharpen skills, enhance resourcefulness, and develop effective action in all healing disciplines;

4. Encourage the integration of world wisdom traditions with modern culture;

5. Are nonsectarian and open to all.


Life Healing Community has as its primary goal the intention to provide alternative healing on a personal basis to all those who are seeking it. Individual healing consultations and sessions are available with course instructors and on site alternative healers. All services are performed by highly qualified, trained, licensed practitioners. Our services to assist you in your own healing, restoration or education are provided as a "fee for service" system and may be reimbursable through your insurance provider.

Life Healing Community provides a relaxed, health stimulating environment through its beautiful setting, supportive staff and clearly stated mission for the communal spirit of learning and healing.

Facilities are available to support healing of any kind. We welcome those ministers, healers, businessmen, politicians and counselors who are worn out from their own practices to come and rest here and receive support and nourishment for body and soul. We welcome those with chronic conditions of mind or body to receive guidance and in person healing. We welcome anyone who is tired or ill and is looking for a sacred place to reclaim their own health in every way. Special diatery needs can be met and access for the handicapped is provided. Some degree of mobility is necessary to maneuver this woodland setting. Any and all healing that is recieved here comes directly from Creator, Source, One, All.


Life Healing Community � What Is It?

Life Healing Community is dedicated to providing education and a personal experience with alternative healing methods from all the world's great spiritual traditions to people without bias to race, creed or color. We foster the healing of each human being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through their visit to Life Healing Community located on beautiful wooded sacred land in Missouri.

Life Healing Community is miraculous healing ground., We provide a place for those with dis-ease of any kind to come and rest and recieve their healing directly from Creator or to participate in courses, workshops or retreats. We also welcome healers practicing any alternative healing methods to be a part of this community, teach courses, offer healing services and support the recognition of their healing methods in the medical and world community.

Life Healing Community is a place for those seeking healing to come and be healed and for those who are healers to come and offer healing. Some of the programs we offer include

 Personal Tours of this Miracle Land
Meditation classes and programs,
 Mind � Body � Medicine courses and workshops,
 Stress Reduction Courses,
 Spiritual Enlightenment Retreats,
 Usui Reiki Healing and Training,
Shamanic Healing,
 Sound Healing,
and much more.

 Individual healing consultations and sessions are available with course instructors and on site alternative healers. This work is grounded at our conference/retreat center community on 17 acres of protected forest, meadows, wet and grasslands in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Just send an email to

The Need For - Life Healing Community

Natural healing is the oldest form of treatment known. Three out of four people around the world rely on natural healing. It is believed that the body can heal itself when the right environment is provided. We create and maintain this environment at Life Healing Community. As trends in health are changing, so are the behaviors of those who seek health care. Current studies indicate that many people throughout the world are searching for alternatives to their traditional medical care to treat illness. Recent studies have shown that greater than 60% of people in the United States are seeking and utilizing complementary and alternative therapies such as Reiki, herbal medicine, and Mind � Body Medicine) along with conventional medical treatments. (Eisenberg, DM, Davis, RB, Ettner, SL, Appel, S, Wilkey, S, Van Rompay M, and Kessler, RC. (1998). Trends in alternative medicine use in the United States, 1990-1997: results of a follow-up national survey. Journal of the American Medical Association, 280(18):1569-75.)

The majority of those who use complementary medicine are those with chronic medical conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS. It is believed that one reason people seek complimentary alternative medicine therapies is dissatisfaction with conventional medical care, alternatively it may be to enhance medical care. (Eisenberg, DM, Kessler, RC, Van Rompay, MI, Kaptchuk, TJ, Wilkey, SA, Appel, S, and Davis, RB. (2001). Perceptions about complementary therapies relative to conventional therapies among adults who use both: results from a national survey. Annals of Internal Medicine, 135(5): 344-51.)

A New Sphere of Healing

Historically, the sphere of biology and medicine has only encompassed medications, treatments and surgery as the correct approach to the treatment of disease. Spiritual methods and alternative or complementary methods of healing fall outside this core model and are not made readily available to the public.

We believe that a new more encompassing model must be realized: where self healing and a healthy style of living are central to a person�s own well being and where the role of the environment is seen as having an impact on one�s own healing process. Life Healing Community demonstrates the role of environment to each visitor and provides a blueprint of the ideal lifestyle for mental, emotional and spiritual healing. In this new model, medications and surgery take a more peripheral role in the healing process and complementary therapies are taught and experienced as an alternative way to produce and maintain a healthy mind and body.

The results of the miraculous and instantaneous healings at Life Healing Community also deserve scientific attention and evaluation to bring this new model of healing to every human being and our own research facilities continue to document the healings that take place at Life Healing Community. We hope to be a front runner in establishing this new model of health care: where education and self empowerment become central to the modern day healing process.

About Us

Life Healing Community is a health and wellness center in the Ozark Mountains of Winona Missouri specializing in integrative medicine, and preventative holistic health care for individuals and families. The vision of Life Healing Community is to help individuals obtain a balanced healthy life by assisting individuals to reach their highest potential-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Life Healing Community is comprised of a group of highly skilled and qualified alternative health care practitioners, educators and counselors with an interest in promoting optimal well-being of individuals and families through complementary therapies. Life Healing Community provides integrative health care services, health and education programs promoting well-being, research evaluating the effectiveness of complementary therapies, and health and wellness products including a wellness store and a wellness library. We have conference areas, workshops, community gathering sites, herbal gardens, meditation areas, labyrinth meditation, permanent medicine wheel, and walking trails. We offer our visitors high quality health and wellness services in a warm and inviting setting designed to promote healing. Courses and retreats offered to the general public include meditation, Reiki, music, hands-on-healing and other energy work, color and sound, Huna Shamanism and many more. Each person decides for him or herself which activities to attend. Reservations are required if accomodations need to be provided. Contact should be made with before your arrival.

By making a donation you will receive the Life Healing Community Newsletter which will keep you updated on our progress as well as offer many interesting articles about healing as well. To donate just click on the button below.

Together we can bring this community to life.

For more information, to ask any questions, to volunteer your time or effort in any way to this mission, please send an email to or, the email address of Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls, Board Member, Life Healing Community.

Pilgrimage to a Sacred Place. What IS It Like?

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