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Learn how to become a shaman with our free online counseling services.

If you want to learn how to become a shaman, you will first need to develop a better understanding of exactly what is a shaman. We offer free online counseling to assist you in learning and exploring and developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of this fascinating world. There are even live audio presentations lead by Shaman Elder Maggie that delve into questions you are likely wondering such as “what is a shaman?” or “what does a shaman do?” Perhaps you’ve even wondered more about how to become a shaman yourself.

There is a wealth of information available on the site itself, and you are also highly encouraged to read the ebooks and also take advantage of the free online counseling available through our audio teachings. You may be surprised and excited to know that there are shamanic tools that anyone is capable of using!

The experience of working directly with a shaman is truly unparalleled. The personal e-mails and attention that you will receive from Shaman Elder Maggie will provide first hand knowledge and insight into a world that few know about. If you are interested in what a shamanic journey entails, or how to achieve healing through use of medicine bags and other traditional remedies, Shaman Elder Maggie is a superior resource and also an excellent teacher as illustrated in the letters and feedback from her past and current students. Her background and qualifications are discussed in greater length on the website.

If you are at all apprehensive or skeptical of how you can benefit from the teachings available, it is highly recommended that you begin your journey with the free audio lessons. Once you have a better idea and grasp on what being a shaman entails, you may then determine which of the courses best fits your level of interest. The Introduction to Traditional Shamanism course is a minimal financial obligation of just $45 USD. Even the more advanced Shaman Apprenticeship Course is an excellent value at just $135 for a total of 18 lessons.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to learn from a mentor unlike any that you have met and interacted with before. Let Shaman Elder Maggie help you start your adventure today!

3 Ways to Learn

3 Ways to benefit from Traditional Shamanism

1. Shaman Apprenticeship Course. - $135.
18 lessons teaching over 20 tools and skills to you in a mentorship with a Traditional Shaman on this path for over 55 years, unlimited dialogue by email, live weekly lectures and a chance to study in person.
Lesson 1: Shamanic Protection
Lesson 2: Warriorship
Lesson 3:Balance
Lesson 4:Awareness
Lesson 5: Meeting Your Guides
Lesson 6 The Universal Medicine Wheel
Lesson 7: The Seven Planes
Lesson 8: Totems
lesson 9:Introduction to Healing Work
Lesson 10: Divination
Lesson 11: The Chakra System
Lesson 12: Working With Allies
Lesson 13: Shamanic Journeying
Lesson 14:Working With herbs
Lesson 15: The Causal Plane
Lesson 16: Your Cave Place Part 1.
Lesson 17: Your Cave Place part 2.
lesson 18 Your Cave Place part 3.
You have unlimited counseling and communication with Shaman Maggie through this course for anything in your life.This is the same price it was in 2002.

Join all the students taking the Shaman Apprenticeship 101 Course
and learn how to use the ways of the Shaman to heal yourself and others!
Sign up by clicking the Paypal Button now! Only $135.00 for 18 weeks of mentorship.
Work at your own pace. NO experience needed. Start Today!

2. Introduction to Traditional Shamanism Course - $45.00 USD
6 Lessons each with a two page teaching and a traditional shamanic skill exercise to practice
with unlimited dialogue by email and a FREE half hour phone consultation.
Everyone can benefit from learning some ancient tools and skills that my elders used to heal themselves and others. I want to share some with you in this easy Intro course.
Lesson 1: Shamanic Protection
Lesson 2: Cutting Cords
lesson 3: The Rubber Band Forest
Lesson 4: The Control Booth
Lesson 5: The Mirror and The Staff
Lesson 6: The Boo Monster
Start now!

3. “Traditional Shaman Lecture Series 2013” No course required.
Now you can interact with Shaman Elder Maggie LIVE as a subscriber to
Traditional Shaman Lecture Series!
Listen to Shaman Elder teaching the
skills and tools of her own ancestors
each week.
Ask questions and interact by typing
or even audio
using your computer speakers!
Learn traditional shamanic answers to
the problems of life today from
Traditional Elder Shaman Maggie
who has been walking the path of her
own ancestors for over 55 years
and has taught thousands of people
and been published in hundreds of
resources including her own book called
“The Shaman Speaks”.
Simply begin a monthly subscription
with the PayPal button below
and attend the live online lecture
series webinars each week on
Monday at 8PM EDST for 1 hour.
There will always be a question and
answer segment for you to interact
personally if you choose.
No homework. No obligation.
Just pure Traditional Shamanic
on subjects such as beliefs, medicine,
talismans, balance, ceremony,
awareness and much, much more.
Finally you have a chance to
actually listen to Shaman Elder Maggie
LIVE and in person,

from the comfort of your home.
This lecture series was created for
those who are not ready to commit to
an apprenticeship with her but
would like to hear about the
ways of Traditional Shamanism.
Each lecture will actually give you
knowledge you can immediately use
to uplift your own life, if you choose.

Click here to sign up today
and you will be led to a webpage
with the URL and instructions
to enter the online classroom this very next Monday!
$50 per month.
Renew monthly, no obligation.
Start today!Simply click the PayPal here.

For a FREE PASS to try the audio lessons just Email me by clicking here!