Belief Counseling
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Traditional Shamanic Counseling or Spiritual Guidance

A Shaman is a special kind of healer. A Shaman approaches every person as having a four body system that makes up the total person, those being a physical body, a mental body, an emotional body and a spiritual body. All of these bodies must be healed and balanced for a person to completely healed and walk their own unique path in life with joy and freedom and abundance.

Many people come to me and ask

Why can`t I heal?
Why can`t I quit smoking?
Why can`t I quit drugs?
Why am I unhappy?
Why can`t I find my abundance in this world?
Why can`t I find a good paying job?
Why can`t my relationship be happy?

The way I can heal all these issues and more is through belief counseling. I approach the mental beliefs and emotional feelins that are behind all these issues. You see, what you believe creates your reality. Change your beliefs and you change your reality automatically. To change a belief you first have to find that belief. We often don`t realize that some quiet little hidden belief is behind our problems. They are hard to flush out of the thick forest called life.

A Shaman knows how to go into that forest and find them and heal them. A Shaman is like the very skilled hunter in the forest. In the old days when we had a tribal community, certain very proficient hunters were responsible for going into the forest to find food for their whole tribe. They understood their responsibility to nourish and sustain their family and all their people. They learned their skills with bow and arrow impeccably. They went into the dangerous forest no matter what the weather and spent long hours in heat and cold, with patience, knowledge, intent, emotional anticipation of success and impeccability so they could do their work. That is what a true Shaman does in healing you.

I am here to help you hunt down the block, the non benefiting belief that is preventing you from being fully whole in any of your four bodies. I am happy to do this for you. It is not difficult for you but it requires someone who is trained and impeccable to help you do this. That is why the Shaman can help you heal these things that no one else has been able to help you with.

You may have already sought mainstream counseling without much success.

 You may have already tried various mainstream healing methods for physical dis-ease and not had quite the success you had hoped for.

 You may be at the end of your rope trying to find success or abundance or a happy relationship.

 It is because you are not skilled in walking in that forest and finding that belief that is holding you back. Together we will walk in the forest, find that belief and replace it with something that will not hold you back. It is not hard work. Some people have found the solution to their problem in just one session here after they have spent three years trying other healing methods and counseling techniques.

What makes this counseling different from others? The Shaman. This healing work is called soul extraction by many Shamans, removing the dart that has pierced your spirit  through outside traumas or interferences. I can remove this dart immediately with you in a one hour Instant messenging session and give you the salve to apply to the open wound to heal it forever.

How does this counseling work? We will set up a time and day when you can be available for a live chat. I will show you a place where we can chat in live time and we will have a dialogue back and forth for about an hour. During this dialogue we will discuss what is bothering you and find the belief that is blocking that thing and fix it if you want to.

I do not judge anyone. We are all free to believe whatever we want to believe. Those beliefs create our realities and I honor your beliefs and your reality. I have no reason to judge you. All information is kept in strictest privacy. I don`t keep notes.

I have been counseling for 35 years. The method I use here was given to me by Creator. It is a modern version of soul extraction that has been used for millenia by Traditional Shamans and I did not learn it from a book or earthly teacher. So this counseling is not something you will find elsewhere. This is not just a repeat of something you have tried before. This is not therapy. It is a healing you experience within this one hour.

Every single person who has done this one hour of counseling has received a healing.

The healing may be a physical healing of a long time illness or chronic physical condition if that is what you need.

The healing may be the release from an emotional bondage.

 The healing may be the correction of a mental idea that was not working for you.

The healing may be a release of constricting bonds around your spiritual self.

 Whatever you are willing to work on is what will be healed.

This healing is done by Creator, by Source and by you. I am just the spiritual guide to show you the way through the forest. I hold a torch up high and bright and we walk together to find the thing that no longer benefits you and we remove the dart holding your wound open and replace it with a better thing that does benefit you today. This finding, removing and replacing will make automatic changes in your life for the better.

Sound simple? It is!

Effective? Every single time if you want it to be. I cannot help you heal something that you don`t want to heal yourself. This is your choice and it is your decision if you want to heal something or not. I cannot flip a switch and make it all better, but I can find that thing in the forest with you and pull it out and let something much better grow in its place with you in just this short one hour chat. As you nurture the new beliefwith the simple guidelines I will give you to use, the new plant we will plant your life will manifest this new belief all by itself.

It is really remarkable to see

 Abundance finally manifesting in your life automatically!
Healing of chronic conditions!
 Love and happiness replacing anger and strife!
 Relationships being mended!
Success at work!
 Finding your path in life!
 Living in your own authentic self!

The cost for an hour chat is a suggested donation of $50.00. Much less than any hour in a counselor`s office.

Only one counseling chat is needed for any specific issue you wish to heal. No need to come back over and over.

People have found the resolution they were looking for in one session here even though they had been going to a therapist for three or more years. What do you have to lose! If you can get the resolution to your problem in a one hour chat, wouldn`t you try it? Haven`t you already spent more money than $50.00 on this problem in the past?

Tell you what! Don`t pay upfront! Try a chat session with me and we will work on what you want to fix and after that hour if you did not receiving a healing, then don`t pay anything at all! If you did receive a healing then you can pay me the suggested donation of $50.00. Is that fair enough??

So lets make it FREE to try and I will hold you on your honor that if I do this work with you and you recieve a healing, you will give me fair value exchange at the end of the counseling session. Fair value exchange means if you didn`t get anything then you don`t have to give anything.

Now I know I am opening myself up to a lot of pranks and nay sayers and curiosity seekers with nothing better to do than to play with people who offer free services like this. If this is you, then stand aside as there are many people in the world who can achieve incredible healings through this counseling and you have no right to stand in their way and take up my time that could be used in healing them. Shame on you!

If you still have questions about what this counseling is all about then click here to send me an email.

So if you are ready to get rid of the things that are blocking your your health,success, your abundance, your joy, your freedom, then send an email by clicking here to request a belief counseling session. I will send you an email to set up a time that is good for your counseling session.

There is healing for everything. I truly believe this. I have seen this. The miracles are here, in your own forest. We will walk together through your own forest and find them together. You will find yourself at the end of your session feeling joyous, free, with a new sense of power and that is, emotionally, a rare state to experience. I ask my clients to really enjoy this very special feeling for a half hour by themselves as they leave the chat. It is a very close connection to Creator and feels wonderful! Just this feeling of the healing you will find here is worth so much~!

Do you look for approval outside yourself?  You can heal it here.

Do you get involved with the wrong people?  You can heal it here.

Do you Procrastinate?  You can heal it here.

Do you never take chances? You can heal it here.

Do you need others to understand how you feel? Heal it here!

Do you get angry because others ask too much of you? Heal it here!

Do you hold grudges?  Heal it here!

Do you agree when you don't  agree? Heal it here!

Do you get so angy that you make things worse?  Heal it here!

Do you always have to be right?  Heal it here!

Do you feel sorry for yourself?  heal it here!

Do you feel unworthy? Heal it here!

Do you feel jealousy  of what others have or are? Heal it here!

Do you not ask for what you need?  Heal it here!

Do you let your feelings run your life? Heal it here!

Do you let others control your life?  Heal it here!

Do you think saying I'm sorry is enough?  Heal it here!'

Do you try to change others?  Heal it here!

Do you rebel just for the sake of it?  Heal it here!

Do you put on act  for others?  Heal it here!

Do you talk and nobody listens?  Heal it here!

Do you quit too soon?  Heal it here!

Do you fear your own healing?  Heal it here!

Do you fear any kind of change in your life? Heal it here!

Do you not have time for things that matter to you?  Heal it here!

Sound impossible? It is easy, gentle, uplifting and miraculous! Soul extraction is  a healing from the inside out. Once the dart of  the non benefitting belief is extracted you are healed. To heal the wound mark I will give you a verbal salve to put on the place the wound was and heal it completely and leave no scar.

My mission in life as the tradtitional Shaman trained by my grandmother is to offer healing to all those who seek healing. I offer you this belief counseling and it works for everyone, everytime.


I am available for public speaking engagements and have written two books and countless articles on Shamanism.

I am available for a FREE consultation and will not turn anyone away.

I have been teaching a course in Traditional Shamanism for over ten years now to thousands of people, that brings people to re-member their own skills and talents, natural abilities. 
There are a lot of women walking around suffering mental and physical symptoms of this disjointment and I want everyone to feel whole. So my mission is to reconnect people with their own inner powers and being.
I charge $185. for 18 lessons of mentoring which is what, $10 a lesson? and offer one on one advisement, daily if necessary, as well as a FREE one hour phone consultation so that we can get to know each other personally and work together by phone. It is a lot of work for me but as I said it is a mission of mine.
I also offer other forms of Shamanic healing on a case by case basis. I need to carefully screen applicants because so many people do not want to be healed of their illnesses. so if you write me an email and tell me about your concern, I will write back and we will dialogue our way through the situation.
I do charge an energy exchange for this work just as any Shaman does. The price will depend on you but I make myself available to everyone.
My course starts very simply at the beginning and gives you concrete background for what Traditional Shamanism is and then takes you through simple rituals and practices that you will actually re-member doing at an earlier time or in another reality. With those remembrances you begin to recapture the skills you already have. I am here throughout the experience to guide you and to interpret for you whatever you are experiencing.
As the course progresses, your questions become more personalized to you and your history and you rediscover your old ways, your old totems and allies will again appear to you and be ready to work with you if you so choose. We end the course with 3 guided meditations or journeys that connect you to your timeless source. They cement that bond and repair any rifts or cracks in your being that have been manifested as physical, mental, or spiritual illness.
The most difficult part of the course is having the bravery to walk this path again in this lifetime. We all intrinsically know the power it involves and the strength we must possess to live the life. But we DO have the strength inside us. The gift comes with the resource. The drinking fountain comes with the water. We are not given a drinking fountain and then told to supply our own water!
So if you have the courage to step up and re-member who you really are, the rest will open up to you again in this course.

3 Ways to Learn

3 Ways to benefit from Traditional Shamanism

1. Shaman Apprenticeship Course. - $135.
18 lessons teaching over 20 tools and skills to you in a mentorship with a Traditional Shaman on this path for over 55 years, unlimited dialogue by email, live weekly lectures and a chance to study in person.
Lesson 1: Shamanic Protection
Lesson 2: Warriorship
Lesson 3:Balance
Lesson 4:Awareness
Lesson 5: Meeting Your Guides
Lesson 6 The Universal Medicine Wheel
Lesson 7: The Seven Planes
Lesson 8: Totems
lesson 9:Introduction to Healing Work
Lesson 10: Divination
Lesson 11: The Chakra System
Lesson 12: Working With Allies
Lesson 13: Shamanic Journeying
Lesson 14:Working With herbs
Lesson 15: The Causal Plane
Lesson 16: Your Cave Place Part 1.
Lesson 17: Your Cave Place part 2.
lesson 18 Your Cave Place part 3.
You have unlimited counseling and communication with Shaman Maggie through this course for anything in your life.This is the same price it was in 2002.

Join all the students taking the Shaman Apprenticeship 101 Course
and learn how to use the ways of the Shaman to heal yourself and others!
Sign up by clicking the Paypal Button now! Only $135.00 for 18 weeks of mentorship.
Work at your own pace. NO experience needed. Start Today!

2. Introduction to Traditional Shamanism Course - $45.00 USD
6 Lessons each with a two page teaching and a traditional shamanic skill exercise to practice
with unlimited dialogue by email and a FREE half hour phone consultation.
Everyone can benefit from learning some ancient tools and skills that my elders used to heal themselves and others. I want to share some with you in this easy Intro course. There is no personal communication included in this course and no homework.
Lesson 1: Shamanic Protection
Lesson 2: Cutting Cords
lesson 3: The Rubber Band Forest
Lesson 4: The Control Booth
Lesson 5: The Mirror and The Staff
Lesson 6: The Boo Monster
Start now!

Start Intro Course today!

3. 8 Week one-on-one personal coaching with Shaman Elder Maggie about anything in your life - $150.00 USD. No course required.
This is a chance to have personal service
and life coaching with a true Traditional Shaman
who has been counseling for over 35 years.
Shaman Elder Maggie uses the ancient tools and skills
to resolve the same conflicts that have harangued humanity throughout the ages.
Whatever you are struggling with,
whatever conflicts you have in your life,
Shaman Elder Maggie will help you solve all your conflicts
with a brand new perspective from the Traditional Shamanic viewpoint.
She will provide you with insights, suggestions and actual plans of action
to help you have bounty and prosperity and joy in your life.
Of course Shaman Elder Maggie cannot make your life change. Only you can do that.
But she does work behind the material scenes on the subtle energy levels
to help you succeed. Many people have found jobs, homes, passion, love, health,
a relationship with Creator as the Shaman has
and much more because of her work on their behalf.
Just click to sign up and you will receive a personal email to begin your 10 week life coaching service.
work is done by email, IM live chats, phone and more.

Chose a paypal button and get started today! Four week guarantee you will love it, or your money back.

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