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Shaman Elder's Healing History

An Expert in the field of Traditional Shamanism as the ancient peoples practiced it.
handed down through her own family lineage for generations
the abilities to heal the sick and even raise the dead
to pass through dimensions and warp space and time
to find and work with the energetic mendicants that are not present in this material world
that can only be found by mastery of the higher states of being
Are the skills and abilities that Shaman Elder Maggie brings to each of you
for your own benefit.

Through the use of her lifelong practices in Traditional Shamanic techniques, dreaming and trance work, Elder Shaman Maggie reaches within to an individual's eternal soul, unblocking the paths and tunnels to one's own innate healing abilities allowing one's life force to burn brightly once again, enlivening peace, abundance, joy, and creativity. Shamanic healing works on all facets of the person - past, present and future - restoring and opening the natural lines for personal success in mind, body and spirit.

 Shaman Elder Maggie comes from a traditional shamanic lineage,  has a  Doctorate of Divinity, is an Ordained Minister and has been counseling online for free for over 40 years. She is an expert Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning. She has published two books on Traditional shamanism.

 Shaman Elder Maggie offers expert spiritual guidance, online lectures, take at home courses, personalized retreats, vision quests, medicine wheel ceremonies in person on the Sacred Land where she lives in the US. Just write her an email for more information.

Traditional Shamanism addresses the intention or root of disease through the etheric egglike structure that surrounds each one of us, our connection to the Divine energies that run everywhere at all times without end. Some call this the spiritual DNA of life and indeed to look at the energies surrounding us it can indeed look like a double helix spiral of DNA strands.

Expert Shaman Elder can reach into and travel these leylines of electromagnetic energy that connect us all and clear the blockages and interruptions away allowing for healing of body or mind, growth of consciousness that has been stopped up by oneself or by others across time and space, and the recollection and integration of one's true self where healing waits within.

Shaman Elder Maggie has successfully treated hundreds of ailments from heart conditions, tumors, cancers, gastrointestinal maladies, at risk pregnancies, comas, suicide attempts, phobias, manias, depression and other chronic illnesses as well as a host of undiagnosed diseases. Often people come to Shaman Elder Maggie when all traditional medical care has been to no avail and yet the ways of this dedicated Shaman have been successful.

Shaman Elder Maggie writes about her background:
 I is truly my pleasure to share with you what Creator has shared with me! I learned shamanism at the knee of my grandmother when I was three. She learned from her grandmother who learned from her grandmother back four hundred years to the country of the Ukraine before Christianity. My father's ancestry also stretches back 130 years to the Apache nation. I did my first healing at age 3 and my first shamanic journey at age ten. Kind of young for that but my grandmother was sick and dying by then. She was an awesome woman! She taught me everything I know today.

When she died I went off to college and began to study the religions of the world. I was looking for the things that they all believed in common. I could not find it in books so I packed my bags and set off around the world to see first hand. I lived with many teachers, learned every major religion out there, practiced many of them and found they only agree on one thing. that there is some higher power. Well kind of disappointing to me.

I went home and got my doctorate of divinity became a minister and had a congregation of 300 souls for three years. People would come and listen to my sermons about God's love and walking your path and they expected that to be enough to save their little souls! It was somehow my job to walk their path for them , I felt like an enabler so I left the congregation. I still counsel for free one on one today and have been doing so for 35 years.

So then I decided to see about shamanism. I had continued to practice what my grandmother taught me quietly but I wanted to see if shamans around the world and across the ages agreed on anything. My expectations were low considering the thing with religion. So I traveled around the world again using contacts I had made before and was able to study with some very powerful shamans in Europe, South America, North America and the Caribbean. I lived with them and learned from them and you know what I found out? That shamans universally agree on EVERYTHING!
Everything that my grandmother taught me was being taught in every culture in every time forever! Now that knocked my socks off and I went home and began to practice publicly!

Then one day I was told that Creator would write this course and bring the students who needed this knowledge. And so I asked if there could be at least one person who would find their path in this course, realize their power, find healing in an awesome and radical way through this work. And you know what, there have been hundreds! of people who have found healing and purpose and strength here!

 I am awed at the results of Creator's work in this course. I am honored and humbled to be a part of Creator's work here. I am thrilled to offer you what Creator wrote for you and to give you the guidance and friendship that is given to me. This is my path, my walk to teach you to guide you and to love you. To give you back your full power and authority to walk your path, not mine. And to show you the complete joy and awe of walking your path as a healer. I am glad you are here! You are not here by mistake. Creator brought you here. You can even visit me in person for a vision quest or personalized retreat if you choose. Just send me an email.

Shaman Elder Maggie

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“Live Traditional Shamanism 101 Course" with online lecture classes by monthly subscription.
Now you can interact with Shaman Elder Maggie LIVE as a student. This course gives you the ability to attend a student lecture every Monday night at 9 PM EST to learn directly through audio interface.

Listen to Shaman Elder teaching the
skills and tools of her own ancestors
each week to her student body through live audio lessons weekly.
Ask questions and listen using your computer speakers or a headset and microphone!

If you have one hour each week to learn the skills and tools of her own elders and ancestors that are not being taught anywhere else, then this is the fastest and easiest way to teach you.
Learn Traditional Shamanic answers to the problems of life today from
Traditional Elder Shaman Maggie who has been walking the path of her own ancestors for over 55 years
and has taught thousands of people and been published in hundreds of resources
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“The Shaman Speaks”.

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Along with this LIVE IN PERSON weekly teaching you will receive lesson 1 of the 20 lesson course by email FREE.
Through unlimited email dialogue we will work together to master each of the lessons at your own pace.
Each lesson will teach you a Traditional Shamanic skill or tool and you will practice with it until you feel you have a good understanding of how to use it to heal yourself and others.
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So the course costs $50 a month for the weekly Monday night lectures and $0 for each lesson,
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(for those who are really dedicated to this program of learning there is an opportunity to be invited to a private student workshop weekly
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Here you have pure Traditional Shamanic teachings from Shaman Elder Maggie's own shamanic lineage
in the ways of the Shaman as she teaches you through live weekly audio lectures and emailed lessons
on subjects such as beliefs, protection, medicine,> talismans, balance, ceremony, guides,
awareness and much, much more.

Finally you have a chance to actually listen to Shaman Elder Maggie LIVE and in person,
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This lecture series was created for:
those who have too little time for study,
and don't want to commit a lot of money
and don't want to invest in a long term three year apprenticeship
but would like to learn the ways of Traditional Shamanism through a live audio classes.

Each lecture will actually give you knowledge you can immediately use
to uplift your own life, if you choose.

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The Sleeping Shaman
by Pamela Stead Jones

There once was a Shaman who dreamed of healing the world. She walked in peace; and wherever she went, peace would remain when she moved on. The wind sang as she walked; and when she lacked for human company, she also sang the song of the wind. The rain made a rhythm as it pelted the earth; and the Shaman would dance to the rhythm of the rain sometimes so that others could see, and sometimes only in her heart but always she danced. The sun warmed her days and the moon sent reflection when the day was done. The forest rejoiced when she walked its paths; for her love for the trees and the rocks and the earth shined out of her eyes and spilled from her hands like the touch of an angel in an unspoiled land. She spoke to the animals, and they spoke to her; and, although each spoke a language unknown to the other, their hearts heard the thoughts that they needed to share. And the wind blew with peace, and the rain fell with peace, and the sun burned with peace, and the earth stood in peace; and they all sang the song from the Shaman's heart, for they knew that she loved them all.

When she came to a town, the Shaman would walk, bringing healing and peace to the people she met. Some called her crazy; some called her witch; some turned their backs; some raised their fists. But ever so softly, some would whisper the dreams of their souls, their sorrows and joys and the Shaman would breathe Love that healed their wounds. Then the people would dance and the people would leap and shout great shouts of joy that could be heard for miles. And her Peace stayed behind when she said her goodbyes. The Shaman was thankful for those she could help and loved those who built walls and sent her away, for the Love of Creator encouraged her spirit. The Light of Creator shone bright in her eyes. Each day brought her joy, for her soul overflowed with abundance and gratitude.

Each night, as she slept, her dreams would weave tapestries. Beautiful scenes would unfold as she dreamed scenes of all of Creation existing in harmony. The music of wind and the rhythm of rain set the background for all in the world to dance and to sing for the joy of just being. Each rock and each tree, each plant and each animal, each person and planet and star in the sky would vibrate and send out its own unique sound, and the symphony played and the universe smiled. And Peace ruled the world, and she slept without fear.

Each day, she awoke to a world of great sorrow,to contrast so bleak that it made her heart ache. The threads in this tapestry, broken and frayed, gave way to great holes that could go on for years. And the guides would call, Shaman! Come take up this needle! Come weave a new thread and bring healing again! And they showed her the tools that would serve as her needle, and she would weave life back into the world.

For many years, too many to count, the Shaman walked on bringing healing and light. Her body grew old, but her spirit remained youthful and vital and strong. In the end, she lived on, but her body could not; and the Shaman's great spirit returned to the sleep with the dreams of eternity. There, in the place of created existence, she found herself longing again to go walking; and so once more she answered the warrior's call and returned to the physical land of the living. Forgetting is part of the choice to return, and the child had forgotten her life as a Shaman. In dreams, she was haunted with memories that lingered. Wherever she walked, she could feel something with her that tugged her and pulled her toward more than she knew. She spent many years in her search for the something that, just out of reach, kept eluding her grasp. Through heartache and struggle and joy and great happiness, still she would wish she could only remember the key to remembering what she had lost.

Then, one perfect day, she discovered a teacher whose Light called her out of her sleeping while waking. As Light begat Light, she began to remember and waken the Shaman who slumbered within. With each step on her path, as the road became narrower, she discovered her power and grasped it again. And she danced the thin line to the sound of the wind-song, the rhythm of raindrops, the warmth of the sun. And a Shaman went walking in Light, bringing healing, and spreading great Love and Peace all through the land.

For Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls, with love and deep gratitude. Thank you for lighting my world and awakening my sleeping shaman.

All my students both past and future were with us creating this beautiful quilt. The quilt of life that as you say would not be so beautiful if each of us did not contribute our own uniqueness to its beauty. And the river was the Pecos River where the fall leaves were floating down like a beautiful quilt and there I could feel my ancestors lives woven in time with the myriad colors and flow of water as it flows through our souls and spirits to join us, to go through us into each other and into the world, Mother Earth.

My meaning, my purpose was brought so clearly to my eyes by my Apache grandfathers that I stood by the Pecos and cried. To be a teacher and to bring this knowledge to you who needs to know it, to remember it, to live it once again, is such an incredible honor for me. And yet the grandfathers honor me! They created this course. They bring you to it. They support me so I can do this work. And yet they honor me! How silly! It is they who deserve all the credit.

But my grandfather is spirit sat with me as I drummed my prayers into the heavens. My prayers for you and for all my students. My prayers for safety and income enough to live and be strong. And my grandfather shows me my heart. It is bright red and orange and beating like a brilliant flame flaring in the night. And he says to me "You have the heart of the Apache." And I know my ancestry and I know the Apaches. They were a proud people with an incredibly strong connection to Mother Earth. They felt that Mother Earth gave them all they needed and they were rich beyond wealth with her. And She loved them and wanted them to have everything she provided. They took her water and her buffalo and her grasses and her shade and made a home with her. They honored her and revered her and protected her.

When the soldiers came they wanted to take the land from the Apache. But the Apache fought for Mother Earth. Other tribes were enslaved as they valued peaceful ways and the soldiers took advantage of that. But the Apache would not give in and they fought until there were virtually no Apache left. They fought for their hearts. They fought for what they knew in their hearts was right.

So grandfather says I have a Apache heart. And I looked at my life and saw all the pain and troubles and frustration and physical illness and emotional  turmoil I have been through. And each and every time I fought through the turmoil and followed what I felt in my heart was right. I fought hard and had many terrible battles. I continued through things where other people would have given up. I have stayed when others would have left. I have not taken the easy road, ever. But I have been true to my heart. I have stood up for goodness and love and trust and honor when others would not. I have fought the challenge of teaching Shamanism despite the retorts of fellow Shamans and the ridicule of those who do not understand the gift. I stand tall and I am ready to go to death to not only defend the teachings but to promulgate the teachings that are needed so   very much. I teach self empowerment. I teach the Apache way.

And so Grandfather says to me as I stand on the banks of the Pecos River, in my homeland, that I have the heart of a Apache. And I start to cry. Grandfather is right. I am honored to carry the heart of a Apache.
A Message Of Hope from the Hopi Nation
 To my fellow swimmers,
 There is a river flowing now very fast.
 It is so great and swift that there are those
 who will be afraid.
 They will try to hold on to the shore.
 They will feel that they are being torn
 apart and will suffer greatly.
 Know that the river has its destination.
 The elders say we must let go of the shore,
 push off into the middle of the river, keep
 our eyes open and our heads above the water.
 And I say,See who is in there with you and
 At this time in history we are to take
 nothing personally, least of all ourselves.
 For the moment that we do, our spiritual
 growth and journey comes to a halt.
 The time of the lone wolf is over.
 Gather yourselves!
 Banish the word struggle from your vocabulary.
 All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner
 and in celebration.
 Oraibi, Arizona
 Hopi Nation

 Shaman Elder Maggie Visits a Holy Place

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